Find a Stylish Wicker Headboard


It’s always a joy to have a wicker headboard on your bed. In the bedroom, the bed is always an area of comfort, where one can retire after a long day. Many people spend their Sunday afternoons reading books on the bed. For kids, a bed is a place of imaginary adventures. For couples it is the most romantic area of the room.

Choosing the right bed for you is important because a bed, aside from being comfortable and an item of utility, should also have aesthetic appeal. Wicker, being the material for your headboard is pleasing to the eye, and gives the room a natural yet classy look.

Wicker is woven from hard fiber. From its humble beginnings as the material used from baskets, the interior design industry has explored varied uses for wicker such as for making wicker furniture.

A headboard made of wicker is now prominently used in many homes. There are a number of stores that sell this excellent headboard. One of the leading manufacturers of a headboard of the wicker type, and wicker bedroom furniture, for that matter, is Hospitality Rattan. Hospitality Rattan is one of the best manufacturers of beautiful and reliable wicker headboards. Combining form and function in their pieces, you will definitely enjoy their headboards for many quality years.

Hospitality Rattan envisioned its company as a force that creates a better place for everyone through its furniture. The headboards created by this company are artistically made from peeled rattan, finishing it with clear acrylic lacquer coat. The frame consists of bamboo and rattan that is covered in clear nitrocellulose lacquer for protection and that much needed luster. What’s great about having an Ikea headboard of the wicker type is that the materials are renewable. The hard-wearing rattan can be recycled. Hospitality Rattan is an environmentally-conscious company that strives to provide products that are not just appealing aesthetically but are also earth-friendly.

Another excellent manufacturer is Padma’s Plantation. Padma’s Plantation’s furniture quality is always top-notch. Their headboards have been designed to give your bed a fresh yet subtle look.

A good headboard not only frames the bed right, but also makes the walls where the bed is supported look more attractive. Padma’s Plantation also creates a wicker queen headboard that is perfect for any house along the beach or lake.

If you are thinking, “What a pity I do not have a beach or lake house,” then you should definitely buy a Padma’s Plantation headboard so that your room will evoke the feelings of being at the beach house without having to visit the beach. The wicker king size headboard from Padma’s is made of strong material. The patterns made from woven fabric are delightful to see, and can bring in a sense of calm to the proud owner. The wicker king size headboard is big and proven to be reliable.

With so many types of headboards that are available in the market, it can be hard to choose which one is the best for you. If you are the type of person that likes the bed to look natural yet classy, you should probably opt for a one of these.

Wicker headboards are sturdy and beautiful, making you feel as if you’re are at a tropical resort room without ever leaving your home.


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